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We’re pupilsforum-esl, a community of creatives from all over the world coming together in the name of good design to collect, share, and be inspired. This means you get ads directed to a highly-targeted audience, and we use your money to keep the community alive.

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Who is pupilsforum-esl?

Design is a huge field. Therefore, pupilsforum-esl doesn’t just target web designers. We house motion designers, print designers, brand and logo designers, icon and UI/UX designers, mobile designers, product designers, illustrators, photographers, and of course web designers.

Since pupilsforum-esl also features high quality articles on a range of topics revolving around the topics of design, our users also consist of web developers, and freelancers.


What's Buy Sell Ads (BSA)

We're busy people, and we want to focus on our community. The fine folks over at BuySellAds help us do what we do best, while they do what they do best. BuySellAds is a service that helps us manage and sell the ads on our site easily.

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Highly-targeted ads

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Support a community

We'll be honest. It takes time and money to run a quality community like DesignersCouch. Buy ads, support the little guys that make this happen.


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More than banner advertising.

We're open to creative ways of promoting your product or services like design contests, giveaways, etc. We’re excited to work with you to get your product or service to the people who wants to use it. If you’re ready to join us on a crazy adventure collaborating then contact us.

Stay creative, my friends! We look forward to working with you!

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