100 Abandoned Houses in Detroit

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15 Oct

100 Abandoned Houses is a project by Kevin Bauman that he innocently started as a creative outlet. Over 10 years Kevin as documented 100 abandoned houses in Detroit that's depressing and amazing at the same time.

As the number of images grew, and a documentary style emerged, Kevin switched from mostly black and white, to color, and decided to name the series 100 Abandoned Houses. 100 seemed like a lot, although the number of abandoned houses in Detroit is more like 12,000. 

It seems like such a waste but also like a gold mine for architecture students. Abandoned means with existing architecture there's room for experimenting and honing one's skill. I know if I was in architecture school, I'd gather some friends and see how we can remodel creatively on a small budget.

I only collected a few so you can see more at www.100abandonedhouses.com

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